Body Shapers For Women – Different Types Of Women’s Slimming Shapewear

Body shapers are foundation garments that are designed to help smooth and gently shape the body while hiding those little imperfections all women have. A good bodyshaper can help your clothes fit better, give you smooth lines, and even help you to look a few pounds thinner. However, with so many different types of bodyshapers to choose from most women find it difficult to choose the right slimming foundation garment to meet their needs. Here is a look at some of the various types of body shapers and the problem area each type is designed to correct.

Types of material

Bodyshapers are made from a variety of different types of materials such as nylon, spandex, and lycra. These types of material are used because they are comfortable and provide some stretch to allow you to move freely. Control panels are then sometimes sewn into body shapers in order to provide firmer control in the areas where you need it the most.

Types or Styles of Bodyshapers

Here are some of the different styles of body shapers that women can choose from to help meet their individual needs.

Control Body Suits

Control body suits are shapewear that is designed to give you a smoother, thinner look from top to bottom. Many of these suits begin at the lower thigh area and go clear up to the chest area. A few are even ankle length to provide control and support for your legs as well when you wear leggings or pants. These body suits are designed to lift breasts and buttocks, flatten stomach, smooth and minimize sides, and hips and sometimes the calves of your legs.

Body suits are worn by women who want an overall smooth look for those clingy dresses or when wearing leggings and shirts.

Control briefs

Control briefs are shapewear that look like high-waist panties and are designed to tuck in the stomach and shape the hips, midriff and buttocks.

Control Capris

Control Capris are designed to go from the waist to mid calf and are designed to tuck in the tummy, lift the buttocks and smooth the hips and thighs giving you a leaner look from the waist down.

Control Camisoles

Control camisoles are camisoles that are designed for the upper half of your body. This type of bodyshaper shapes the chest, the stomach, back and waist. Some control camisoles have built in bras while others are designed to fit over those bras you already own.

Control Suits

Control suits are like swimsuits except that they are designed to help shape the chest, stomach and rear. Some control suits may have a padded bra and a padded buttocks while tucking in the tummy and slimming the sides and waist.

While these are the basic types of bodyshapers most women look for when choosing shapewear, you need to remember that there are many other garments that can also be considered as shapewear as well. For example cross your heart and under wire bras are a type of shapewear because they change the natural shape of your breast while you are wearing them.

While knowing the types of shapewear available can help you find the right type to help you look better, keep in mind that not every piece of shapewear is made exactly the same so you may want to try on some different brand names and different material types to find the right body shaper for your exact needs.



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